The World Celebrates Henry Ford: A Man Who Helped Build America

Today, the entire world celebrates the life of a man whose contributions changed the world – Henry Ford.

One hundred and fifty years later and his legacy still lives on in Ford products and technology.

Forbes named Henry Ford “Businessman of the Century” in 1999 and the History Channel featured him in its 2012 documentary, “The Men Who Built America.”

Henry Ford did it all.

Some say he created the American middle class and fair distribution by doubling wages in 1914 from $2.34 for nine hours to $5 for eight hours.

While others say he put America on wheels and, after building and selling over 15 million Model Ts, we would have to agree.

And, by bringing mobility to the masses in the form of the automobile, Henry Ford converted economies of agriculture into markets of industrial and urban success.

“What my great-grandfather established, especially his legacy of innovation, continues to inspire our commitment to a strong business, great products and a better world,” said Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. “We are putting unexpected levels of technology within reach of millions of people, accelerating the development of new products that customers want and value, and driving growth by creating jobs and bringing the freedom of mobility to the world.”

That is all a reason to celebrate.

The state of Michigan has declared Henry Ford Day and celebrations are taking place at the Ford Motor Company headquarters in Dearborn.

A food truck is delivering cupcakes to all in downtown Washington D.C. and on Capitol Hill.

Asia Pacific markets are celebrating Ford heritage month by sharing its history in dealer showrooms.

Germany will host five road rallies, while over 4,000 Romanians will attend various Ford events.

Great Britain has even restored a Henry Ford statue at its Tech Center.

As for Paul Obaugh Ford here in Staunton Virginia – well, we’d like to sell some cars!

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