Three Apps That Will Make You a Better Driver in 2018

apps that will make you a better driver

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to become a safer driver, we’re proud of you. It’s important to be the best driver you can be for the safety of yourself as well as others on the road. Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of apps that will make you a better driver. Here are three of our favorite from your team at Paul Obaugh Ford.



Lots of Ford vehicles come with standard or available driver-assist tools, but if your car is lacking these features, you can get some of those benefits from an app called iOnRoad. It uses the camera in your phone to monitor for potential collisions and other dangerous circumstances.



This free app provides crowd-sourced information on gas prices, traffic, accidents, and more to help you make the best decisions when planning ahead for a trip. Waze will help you save money and show you the quickest route so you don’t have to drive in a hurry.



The Automatic app provides everything from connectivity to performance feedback to engine light diagnostics. This app comes in two versions, so you can choose the one that has what you need most. The Pro level even includes things like crash alert and parking tracking, so you’ll never forget where you left your car again.

If you’re looking for a safer vehicle to drive in 2018, stop by Paul Obaugh Ford for a browse of our inventory.

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