Why Buy a Pickup Truck

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2014 Ford F-250To us, there is no shortage of reasons to drive a pickup truck, but we understand that not everyone is completely sold on the idea. But, gone are the days when trucks felt like one-trick ponies. Although they’re still prized for their powerful and utilitarian nature and hauling capabilities, the interiors of pickups have seen dramatic upgrades in the past decade, making them much more comfortable (and daresay luxurious) to drive and ride in.

Modern pickup trucks sing a lot of the same tunes as fancy sedans, touting the same sorts of impressive options. Many have four real doors, quiet occupant compartments, smooth rides, and roomy interiors. You can get built-in GPS systems, high-tech infotainment centers, heated seats, luxurious materials, multiple-zone climate controls, and more.

Now we’re not downplaying the ability to haul and tow. We still think that is awesome, and it’s definitely what sets trucks apart. Truck beds allow us to load up our vehicle with just about anything without the hindrance of cabin height created by a cargo area with a top, like in SUVs. The truck bed fears no amount of mess or dirt since it can easily be hosed off and look like new again. Trucks make fifth-wheel trailer hitches possible, mounting right inside the truck bed adding stability and ease of maneuverability unmatched by other types of vehicles.

Truck exteriors are more aesthetically pleasing than ever to go along with all the beauty on the inside and under the hood. They handle well in bad weather and always rise to the challenges of difficult terrains. Trucks are safe. Trucks are powerful. Trucks are a lifestyle.



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