Why the Check Engine Light Is On

check engine lightThe check engine light has a variety of possible meanings, from the easily fixed to the very serious. Try these quick solutions, and if none of them turn the light off, it’s time to take your car for diagnostic testing, either at your favorite dealership (us, or course), or your closest shop, especially if the light is blinking. Blinking lights indicate emergency situations.

First, check to make sure your gas cap is screwed on tight. This is one of the most common reasons for the check engine light to come on and also the easiest to fix. You might also have minor issues with bad spark plugs or mass airflow sensors.

The light could also mean that your oxygen sensor is faulty and needs replaced, which you should do as soon as possible because it can cause worse problems in the future such as break the catalytic converter, which is actually another possible reason for the check engine light. The repairs are costly but necessary, but the catalytic converter shouldn’t fail unless you let other things go for too long like the oxygen sensor or bad spark plugs.

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