Wishing All a Happy National Tire Safety Week from Paul Obaugh Ford!

National Tire Safety WeekThe Rubber Manufacturers Association advises drivers to check the condition of their tires once a month and before long trips.

However, fewer than half of all drivers do.

Maybe this is because a tire can actually lose up to half of its inflation pressure and not even appear to be flat.

Regardless of the reason, there is an estimated 660 highway fatalities caused by under inflated tires each year.

National Tire Safety Week is celebrated to combat this issue.

So, tire pressure.

Under inflation wreaks havoc on your tires in the form of irregular wear and unnecessary stress. Such evils can result in a loss of control and cause avoidable accidents.

It is essential to know the proper inflation level of your vehicle. Start by referencing the owner’s manual. You may even be able to find this figure on the door post or in the glove box.

Driving creates heat and heat causes inflation pressure to increase naturally. So, wait until your tires are cool to go forward with checking the pressure.

And, don’t forget to check the spare tire as well.

If you need an expert opinion, stop by Paul Obaugh Ford in Staunton Virginia to consult with our trained technicians.

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